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    Transcription of recordings and text + low prices! Best quality!

    Transcription of recordings has never been so affordable!

    Automatic transcription using speech recognition:

    0.50 PLN net per minute of a recording. Order automatic conversion of speech to text and then you can choose to make an additional payment in case you need 100% accuracy.

    Transcription of recordings (manual): for courts, of interviews, lectures, market and opinion surveys, of borough council meetings, debates, assemblies, conferences, meetings:

    from 3 PLN to 12 PLN per page. Normalised page – 1000 characters including spaces.
    • Polish: from 0.50 PLN to 12 PLN net*. Contact us in order to price your request. Telephone: 790 013 206, e-mail: Transcription prices differ according to the time needed to make the transcription ready:
      • BEST PRICE: 3 PLN for 1000 characters within 4 -7 days from the moment of receiving of the file and/or big quantities of recordings – more than 20 hours per month.
      • Affordable: 4 PLN for 1000 characters: transcription of recordings with a delay exceeding 48 hours.
      • Fast: 6 PLNfor 1000 characters: guaranteed time of transcription delivery – within 48 hours.
      • Express: 12 PLN for 1000 characters: guaranteed time of transcription delivery – within 24 hours.
      • Individual: transcription of recordings of court trials and hearings is priced on an individual basis after the upload of Client’s files.
      If an order is carried out in less time than previously estimated, the price will not change.
    • English: 15 PLN net.
    • Low prices for transcription can be negotiated on an individual basis.
    • We accept credit card and debit card payments, automatic online transfers through a Client account in offer:

    1. Transcription of audio and video recordings.

    2. Transcription of recordings from courts.

    3. Creation of film subtitles.

    4. Transcription of musical notes from recordings.

    5. Transcription of text.

    6. Removing noise from recordings for transcription purposes.

    7. Software for recording telephone conversations.

    8. Server software for authorising transcription of recordings and documents.

    9. Recording on demand.

    10. Conversion of many formats of audio and video recordings and of text.

    11. Professional processing of recordings – mastering, mixing, cleaning.

    1. Transcription of audio and video recordings.

    We offer transcription of recordings from any analogue or digital storage media. Examples of audio recordings storage media that we transcribe: tapes, cassettes, microcassettes, discs, files, DAT, VHS, DVD, VCD, SVCD, VOB, MP3, amr, aif, au, aac, dct, dss, dvf, flac, msv, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpga, ogg, ra, ram, rm, sri, vox, wma, wav , wma, wav, ogg, mpc, eac and others and copying from analogue storage media: cassettes and microcassettes.

    2. Transcription of recordings from courts.

    Transcription of recordings of court hearings. Transcription of interception recordings, of witness statements, of telephone conversations, creation of subtitles. Prices are negotiated individually.

    Transcription of recordings of court proceedings:

    Transcription of recordings of court proceedings is carried out with the use of the following system: “ – recordings transcription automation system which is offered in the form of a SaaS online lease or as a software installed at the Client’s premises.

    3. Creation of film subtitles.

    Transcription of film subtitles. Synchronising subtitles with films and audio recordings. Calculation and conversion of time codes online. Conversion of subtitles to different formats online.

    4. Transcription of musical notes by ear.

    Transcription of musical notes from recordings from listening. Solos, voices, orchestrations, scores. Transcription of melodies and chords by ear. Transcription of scores and voices. Any composition and musical style. In the Transcription of musical notes section you will find examples of recordings and transcribed musical notes. We also offer classical, jazz and pop arrangements.

    5. Transcription of text.

    Transcription of academic papers, books, manuscripts. In the Transcription of text section you can find examples.

    6. Removing noise from recordings for transcription purposes.

    Most audio and video recordings need preliminary sound processing before they are transcribed in order to make the transcription accurate. Sound processing and copying is included in the transcription price.

    7. Software for transcribing recordings and for recording telephone conversations.

    8. Recording of meetings, conferences, council meetings, general assemblies.

    Services of recording of conferences, meetings, interviews, conversations, IDI , FGI , general assemblies. We are equipped with Professional equipment which allows us to record in all types of conditions. Recording of sound for transcription requires a right sound quality + in particular in case of transcription of recordings using automatic speech recognition, a link: Speech recognition. We give you the possibility to rent recorders and we provide recording services. We provide you with professional advice concerning the choice of sound and image recording equipment. We adapt premises in order to obtain the best quality of sound. We provide trainings and consulting in the scope of sound recording in order to obtain the highest quality of the transcribed text.

    9. Conversion, copying, mastering of many formats of audio, video and text.

    Formats: dss, Olympus / Philips / Grundig, Sony, dvf, msv, forus, recordic, DVD, DVD-audio, VOB, CD-Audio, SVCD, VCD, MD, MP3, wmv, wma, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, SVHS,VHS, audio cassettes, analogue tapes and many others. Digital processing of recordings comprises: removing / cleaning of noise and interferences, spectrum sound analysis, making loudness levels of the recording even (mastering), editing. Transcription offer

    10. Professional processing of recordings – mastering, mixing, cleaning.

    • Copying magnetic audio cassettes, reels, vinyl records to digital formats, audio CDs.
    • Upgrading the quality of recordings – cleaning (elimination of noise, crackling, clipping, etc.)
    • Editing (cutting, pasting, etc.)
    • Mastering (normalising, compression, correction, timbre, space, reverberation, etc.)
    • Copying and conversion of digital and analogue recordings.
    Befriended websites: * The prices displayed are solely approximate prices and do not constitute an offer in the understanding of the Civil Code regulations. The prices displayed on the website do not constitute a commercial offer in view of the regulations of the Civil Code.