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    Podmiot odpowiedzialny za sp. z o.o.
    Ludna 3a/25
    00-405 Warszawa
    NIP 701 036 95 03
    KRS 0000447694 – experience

The team has many years of experience in transcription of recordings, in particular of conferences, meetings and interviews carried out with many participants as well as of individual interviews, of archive recordings, in transcribing recordings for the purposes of court cases and transcribing film dialogue lists/subtitles.
We offer transcription of all types of recordings registered on any storage media.

Our customers

We execute orders from public administration, companies, international corporations as well as from natural persons, assuring customer data confidentiality being our main principle. In reasonable cases, upon request, we may provide references from customers who have given us permission to do so.


We issue VAT invoices for transcribing and other services. For loyal customers, we offer price reductions and the possibility of payment after the execution of service: PRICE LIST.