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    Recording telephone conversations through a telephone with Android and Windows Phone 7,1; 7,5 – 8.

    We offer Polish software for recording telephone conversations for the Android and Windows Phone and iPhone systems.

     recording telephone conversations in Android

    The software can be successfully used in many types of telephones of different brands.

    Recording, taking photos, making videos with conversion to text using a telephone equipped with the Android system.

    The application records:

    1. Business telephone calls and converts them to text
    2. Records speech using an in-built Dictaphone and converts it to text – Internet connection required
    3. Voice instructions converted to text and sent to staff/chosen address/answering machine
    4. Interviews – using an in-built Dictaphone
    5. Lectures – using an in-built Dictaphone
    6. Agreements – it eliminates the necessity to confirm an agreement with a signature
    7. It converts sang or whistled melodies and songs to musical notation
    8. It converts records to text after clicking ‘send for transcription’

    Purpose of the application, it is for:

    • Managers – business agreements/contracts and voice notes,
    • Journalists – interview and voice notes,
    • Students – lectures,
    • Composers who do not know musical notes,
    • It certainly can be applied in many other ways which have not been described here, but the users apply them.

    The program is available in different language versions: Polish and English, and the German version is being prepared – it is available everywhere in the world.

    New functionalities soon to follow:

    Conversion from images to text : JPG and other formats of photos taken by a mobile phone
    Synchronization of subtitles for videos recorded using a mobile phone, or synchronization for audio
    Archiving of records marked as important in the cloud.

    The Call Recorder application is in accordance with the law:
    1. A conversation with another person can be recorded without informing about the fact (or with informing about the fact) if one of the interlocutors is recording.
    2. It is accepted by the Polish legal system, and by many other legal systems in the world, to conclude verbal agreements.
    3. The application helps to execute provisions of verbal agreements.

    Application retail prices: ‘for Everyone’ 19 PLN gross and ‘for Business’ 99 PLN gross
    Wholesale prices: ‘for Everyone’ 9 PLN and ‘for Business’ 49 PLN gross
    *The offer has a solely informative character and constitutes an invitation to negotiate, it does not constitute a commercial offer in the understanding of the art. 66 §1 of the Civil Code and of other applicable provisions of law.

    User’s guide for our software for recording Android, Windows Phone telephone conversations:

    The program can be used intuitively and it also has an in-built user’s guide.

    Main functions:

    • Recording of incoming telephone calls
    • Recording of outgoing calls
    • Ignoring of chosen telephone contacts
    • Writing down notes in text form for the recorded conversations
    • Sending/uploading of a chosen recording, document (with a note) to the service in order to transcribe the recording or the document
    • Payments for transcription of recordings or documents are executed by means of the service
    • Possibility to play and listen to chosen recordings
    • Deletion of chosen recordings and notes
    • Data archiving in
    • Automatic deletion after a fixed time
    Other functions:
    • Multilingual interface
    • Transcription of recordings and of data in different languages

    System and equipment requirements

    • Google Android® system version 2.1 or newer Google Play, Windows Phone from 7,1 Windows Market, iPhone from App Store
    • Working telephone and Internet (only for sending/uploading) connections
    • Free slots in the device memory > 50MB, SDCARD optionally
    • A working Internet connection for the following functions: registration in the Przepisywanie system , sending/uploading of recordings, documents and notes, price valuation, payments.
    Permission for authorization for software required :

    • Network communication full Internet access.
    • Personal data read contact data.
    • Memory modify or delete USB memory content.
    • Telephone conversations reading the status and the telephone identifier, capture outgoing calls.
    • Equipment control elements record sound, change sound settings.
    • Paid services select telephone numbers directly.
    • System tools prevent the telephone from going into sleep mode.
    • Network communication display network state.
    • READ CONTACTS – verifying if the number is in the contact list
    • READ PHONE STATE – telephone call receiving recognition
    • PROCESS OUTGOING CALLS – dialing recognition
    • MODIFY PHONE STATE – conversation start and end recognition
    • MODIFY AUDIO SETTINGS – audio loudness level modification
    • RECORD AUDIO – audio file recording
    • READ EXTERNAL STORAGE – reading data from memory storage
    • WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE – whiting down data in memory storage
    • ACCESS NETWORK STATE – telephone line recognition
    • INTERNET – Internet connection recognition
    • WAKE LOCK – keeping display backlight on